The research interests of the Mills group are wide and varied including: dye and semiconductor photochemistry, redox catalysis (in particular, oxygen catalysis), solar energy conversion (in particular artificial photosynthesis) and colour and fluorescence based indicators and smart inks and plastic films.

Front Cover – ChemComm

The paper ‘Kinetics of the Photocatalysed Reduction of Oxygen by CdS Probed using Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy (PIAS)’ has been selected to feature as the front inside cover article for ChemComm Volume 57 2021. For more info please visit:!divAbstract

Graduation day!

Congratulation to Dr. Dilidaer Yusufu and Dr. Han Ri for completing their PhD, and Wang ChengYing for graduating from her Mphil!

Front Cover – Analyst

The paper entitled ‘ A Colourimetric Vacuum Air-Pressure Indicator ‘, has been selected to feature as the front inside cover article for Analyst Issue 20, 2019. For information, please visit: Analyst

First Publication for masters student Chengying Wang

Chengying Wang, working with Dilidaer Yusufu, has published her first ever paper! The publication explores a commercialised ‘after open freshness (AOF)’ indicator, and assesses its efficacy at different temperatures. The work is aimed at tackling needless waste in the food packaging industry.

PhD Viva Pass!

Today, Daniel Hawthorne passed his viva and became a Doctor. His thesis, ‘Optical indicators for intelligent packaging and assessment of photocatalytic activity’, was well received by his examiners.