Summer Studentships

Three undergraduate students from Queen’s University of Belfast were granted summer studentships within the group, and worked on a variety of projects during their time here. Here’s what they have to say:

‘We spent the summer with the group assisting in research on photosensitive dyes. We mainly did work on the following:

– Testing photocatalytic indicator inks on a variety of active surfaces and testing prototype inks

– Modifying the formulation of inks to be used in marker pens, and producing pens featuring photocatalyst test inks. The pens provide a convenient way of applying ink to a photocatalytic surface to test its activity.

– Work with indicator dyes in development for the SODIs project. The project involves the use of solar energy to disinfect water. The inks can be used to show when the water has received enough UV light to be sterilised.

We really enjoyed the experience, and look forward to putting the skills we learnt into practice in our future studies’.