The research interests of the Mills group are wide and varied including: dye and semiconductor photochemistry, redox catalysis (in particular, oxygen catalysis), solar energy conversion (in particular artificial photosynthesis) and colour and fluorescence based indicators and smart inks and plastic films.

Sensor Indicator Products

Photo (left to right) of: David Hazafy, Greg Heacock, Andrew Mills and Dilidaer Yusufu

Dr. Greg Heacock, CEO Sensor Indicator Products (SIP), a Seattle-based company is here for a progress report on a SIP-funded research project on indicators which will advise doctors and healthcare workers on when to replace invasive medical devices, such as: catheters etc., as part of efforts to reduce hospital acquired infection rates.

Chemistry at Work

Mills Group members, Luke Burns and Nathan Wells, took part in the Chemistry at Work event at Queen’s University Belfast. Hundreds of school children attended the two day event, and were introduced to current and emerging technologies being developed at Queen’s University of Belfast. The talk focused on non-antibiotic methods of antimicrobial technologies.

Green Impact Awards 2016

In 2016, Mills group members Dan Hawthorne and Luke Burns assisted the school with the Green Impact Awards’ Green Challenge Scheme. For their contribution, they designed and implemented a four-page informative pamphlet full of ideas to help new PhD students starting in the year 2016-17 live more environmentally friendly lifestyles, both in and out of the lab. The pamphlet is included at the beginning of every new lab book that new PhD Chemistry students will receive upon beginning their PhD at Queen’s.

Royal Irish Academy Membership

On 16th March 2016, Professor Andrew Mills was elected to be a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

The prestigious Royal Irish Academy was founded by charter in 1785 for the advancement of learning and scholarship in Ireland, and to be elected as a Member is considered the highest academic honour in Ireland.

A formal Admittance ceremony will be held on 27th May 2016.

LaTe Lab

For the second year running, the Mills group attended LaTe Lab, an event that highlights cutting edge scientific research done in Belfast to the general public. The night time public event is part of the wider NI Science Festival, a 10 day sneak peek into the goings on of the scientific community of Northern Ireland.

The Mills group showcased semiconductor photocatalyst driven technologies.

Visiting Researcher from Spain

Starting November, visiting PhD student Eva Jiminez will be joining the group for a 3 month placement to evaluate semiconductor photocatalyst containing concrete samples using Professor Andrew Mills’ rapid activity indicator inks.

Visiting Researcher from Thailand

In 2015, the Mills group had the great privilege of having Pperng Surachai Khankaew (pictured left) as a visiting young researcher to work on a joint project between Professor Andrew Mills (pictured centre) and Professor Panuwat Suppakul (pictured right).

He remained with the group for 7 months and had a tremendous impact on everyone working with him.

Harwell Campus Open Day

The Mills group sent representatives to the Harwell campus in Oxfordshire to give talks and presentations on their work on semiconductor photocatalysis and SODIS. The campus was open to the public, and over the course of the day over 15,000 people passed through to see the cutting edge in science and engineering.